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    Art is the solution !

    Blue age

    Preface of Claire Nouvian

    Book Award Committed to the Planet given by Isabelle Autissier,
    President of WWF France, at the Mouans-Sartoux Book Festival


    Publication on October 3rd at Buchet-Chastel publisher





    On March 30, 2030, a rain of fine particles falls on the Earth and causes the "retro-evolution" of the men who return to
    the state of fish. Raymond Scie, historian, and Brigitte Van Dyck, artist, embark us upon their underwater tribulations in search of the miraculous antidote able to giving them back human form.


    From encounters to discoveries, whole swathes of Anthropocene drifts emerge: climate disruption, acidification and water pollution, endocrine disruptors, invasive species, loss of biodiversity ...

    Will art be the solution? In any case, the alarm is sounded but with a squeaky and poetic humor!

    Artemisia women comics book awards 2020

    For environnement

    On January 9, Artémisia awards its 2020 Environment Prize to Anne Defréville for "The Blue Age - Saving the Ocean", published by Buchet-Chastel editions. The Artémisia association, named after the XVIIth century Italian artist Artémisia Gentileschi, has been working for 13 years to promote the creation of women cartoonists.

    Anne spent her childhood in Aix en Provence and studied at the Fine art school of Marseille.
    She likes to juggle her passions:

    THE BOOK. In the south, then in Paris, she began her career in publishing; first as a graphic designer, then artistic director and finally illustrator. She has publication in press and publishing, in comics, children's literature, ecology, technical and well-being; She is also commissioned for cover book illustrations.
    HUMOR: At the birth of her children, she creates an illustrated blog Arsenic et petites bretelles that makes her press cartoonist.
    ECOLOGY: In love with science and nature, during the years of Fine art school, she produced illustration of science popularization for the Marseille Immunology Center (CNRS-INSERM). Later, she will train in fresco techniques with lime and natural and non-toxic paints. She creates murals for individuals.
    In 2019, she writes "The Blue Age"; a graphic novel of anticipation and humor on the ecological crisis of the seabed. With the precious re-reading of the Bloom Association, this book will be published by Buchet / Chastel publisher next October.


    ART: She teaches art and design, including Gobelins, the school of image and ESDAC Aix and Marseille.

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