• Layout, visual identity, iconographic research


  • Artistic director

    graphic designer with over 20 years of print experience

    Iconographic research

    Pictures for your words

    I've worked for many publishing companies since 2000 : éditions Buchet-Chastel, éditions Noir sur Blanc, éditions Actes Sud, éditions Phébus, éditions Libretto, Puf, éditions du Rocher, éditions Fayard, Calmann-lévy, Lethielleux...

    Graphic charter and layout

    for book and news paper

    The beauty of reading

    I design layout for art books, magazines and school books.

    Poster, logotype, visual identity

    That's entertainment !

    For cities, production companies, corporations or for you events...

    Object design

    Images taking shape

    Creation of practical and elegant objects like the Baggy Book : a book that is also a handbag, because it's just not easy to carry Harry Potter in the subway.

  • Identity

    Nous avons une équipe de premier ordre !

    Identity and packaging for cheese


    Identity for whale watching association

    Happy sound

    Disc jacket